Thursday, September 18, 2014

Understanding the Work of the Holy Spirit

Work of the Holy Spirit
Ministry School in Mexico
While walking on the earth Jesus helped people with whom he came in contact, but he was limited to being in one place at a time. After his resurrection, he sent another helper, the Holy Spirit, who could be present with all people at once. The Spirit is not limited to one place in time, because he is infinite. Jesus did the best thing he could for people by going away and sending them the Spirit in his place (John 16:7). These eight audio messages in English with translations in Spanish explain the work of the Spirit on the earth. These messages will help listeners become both spiritually minded and kingdom minded.

Applying these materials in your life will help develop a close relationship with the Holy Spirit. By recognizing his anointing within, you will not be deceived by the things people say about God. You will know by the Spirit which things are true and which are false. You will not be controlled or manipulated by the religious system or the religious mindset.

Questions related to Encountering the Spirit
  1. How does the life of God differ from natural life?
  2. How can you distinguish your spirit from your soul?
  3. What motivates your spirit?
Audio: Hear the Spirit
Questions related to Hearing the Spirit
  1. How do you know when you hear the voice of the Spirit?
  2. What hinders you from hearing the voice of the Spirit?
  3. How can you become more sensitive to the voice of the Spirit?
Audio: Filled with the Spirit
Questions related to Filled with the Spirit
  1. What are the pros and cons of being filled with the Spirit?
  2. How would you instruct someone on being filled with the Spirit?
  3. How does your life change as a result of being filled with the Spirit?
Audio: Anointing
Questions related to the Anointing
  1. What hinders the anointing and how can these hindrances be overcome?
  2. How can the anointing help you?
  3. How can you increase your anointing?
Audio: Fiery Relationships
Questions related to Fiery Relationships
  1. What are grace joints and how do you identify grace joints?
  2. How do grace joints function in the body of Christ?
  3. Which relationships do you have that are grace joints and which ones are not?
Audio: Two Kingdoms
Questions related to Two Kingdoms
  1. Identify one of your recent activities that operated in the lower kingdom and one that operated in the upper kingdom?
  2. What hinders your operating in the upper kingdom?
  3. How can you operate more effectively in the upper kingdom?
Audio: Kingdom Prosperity
Questions related to Kingdom Prosperity
  1. What causes debt and poverty and hinders prosperity?
  2. What activities are you involved with that will reap financial benefits from God’s kingdom?
  3. How would you instruct others to prosper in God’s kingdom?
Audio: Kingdom Healing
Questions related to Kingdom Healing
  1. How do you know whether healing is provided for new diseases being discovered?
  2. How can you strengthen your faith in healing?
  3. How would you instruct others in receiving their healing?
These messages were taught at a ministry school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico during the first week of September in 2014.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Lasting Legacy: Impact Future Generations

You can draw on the legacy of wisdom and faith of those older than you to live a victorious life and then pass a legacy of greater wisdom and faith to those in the next generation. A legacy can be a gift of value passed from one generation to another, connecting the generations. You can leave a legacy of wisdom and faith to your children and grandchildren, as well as your spiritual children. Your legacy can impact future generations.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Speak Peace to Impart Changes in Lives

You can impact people whose lives are in turmoil by speaking the peace of God to them. His peace is unlike any peace that the world can offer.

The peace of God is active and powerful. When believers declare peace over the lives of others, they will experience peace moving, discerning who is worthy of it, resting and even returning to the speaker in some cases. Most importantly, they will experience peace impacting the lives of people from generation to generation. 

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